Halfway Home: Revisiting My 2013 Predictions

Crystal Ball

The 2013 MLB mid-season lull is in full effect.  Yesterday I posted the 500 Level Fan All-Star and No-Star team.  Today I take a look at just how bad my 2013 predictions look so far.  I think I am somehow getting worse…. 

American League Predictions

East 2013 AL East

Thoughts: I was totally sold on two things: the Red Sox would be terrible and the Orioles would regress.  Wrong and wrong.  Boston has surprised everybody, and Baltimore, led by the insane Chris Davis, looks like they are here to stay for years to come.  I wish I had hope that Toronto would rebound in the second half and rise up the ladder, but sadly I don’t.

Central 2013 AL Central

Thoughts: This diivsion actually looks shockingly good.  Detroit is leading, and Chicago and Minnesota are pretty much in a dead heat for the basement.  I still think KC might have a good second half run in them, especially now that George Brett is the hitting coach.  Stay tuned. 

West 2013 AL West

Thoughts: At least the bottom two look right!  Just like everybody else, I overrated the Angels – they have probably one of the few teams in baseball that has been more disappointing than the Blue Jays.  I still don’t know how Oakland keeps winning.  Truly incredible.  


I predicted the Jays and Angels.  Not….even….close.  Currently Tampa Bay and Texas lead the way. 

Stat Leaders 2013 AL Stat Leaders

Thoughts: At the All-Star break none of my predicted winners are currently leading any category.  I am close with Mike Trout and Joe Nathan, but nobody else is even in the top-10.  Injuries hampered my picks of David Price for wins and Brandon Morrow for K’s, but Pujols and Verlander have been a bit disappointing.  Bautista might have a good run left in him, but I don’t think anybody outside of Cabrera has a shot to catch Chris Davis. 

Awards & Miscellany

MVP – Jose Bautista, TOR

– If Toronto goes on a crazy second half run that we all hope they will, then Bautista will no doubt be a top contender.  As it stands now, he is nowhere near the lead.

Cy Young – Justin Verlander, DET

– By his standards he is having an off year.  Needs a huge second half to catch Scherzer, Sale, or King Felix.

Rookie – Wil Myers, TB

– He wasn’t called up until June and hasn’t done enough to be in contention, but it is a weak year for AL rookies so a big second half could be enough.

Manager – John Gibbons, TOR

– See the comments about Bautista above.  Sadly, the odds on favourite right now just might be the coward himself John Farrell.

Bounceback Player – Eric Hosmer, KC

– A month ago he was terrible, but he has gone on quite a resurgence.  I’ll stick by him.

Most Disappointing Player – Kevin Youkilis, NYY

– I think I nailed this one!

First Major Player Traded – Jon Lester, BOS

– If Boston was back in last, maybe, but as it stands now, not a chance.

National League Predictions

East 2013 NL East

Thoughts: So far I’ve nailed the bottom of the division, but the Nationals struggles have thrown off the top part.  Atlanta looks very comfortable in first.

Central 2013 NL Central

Thoughts: Things get pretty bad here.  I’m not sure why I was so high on the Brewers back in March, because they have been absolutely terrible.  Likewise, St. Louis has been fantastic, much better than I anticipated.  I thought the Reds would run away with the Central, but it is a three team dog fight.

West 2013 NL West

Thoughts: San Francisco has been one of baseball’s biggest disappointments, so I don’t feel too badly about whiffing on them.  I’m still quite shocked about how well Arizona has done.  


I predicted Atlanta and Los Angeles.  The Braves currently lead the East and the Dodgers are charging hard in the West.  Both might make the playoffs, but neither are likely to be Wildcards.

Stat Leaders 2013 NL Stat Leaders

Thoughts: Aside from Craig Kimbrel in the saves department, these predictions are even worse than the ones I made in the AL.  I take some solace in the fact that Strasburg, Harper, and Braun have all spent time on the DL and thus were negatively impacted due to injury and not poor performance.  But most shockingly – how does Joey Votto only have 42 RBIs?


MVP – Joey Votto, CIN

– Not looking good right now, especially with the year Yadier Molina is having.

Cy Young – Stephen Strasburg, WAS

– Clayton Kershaw and Matt Harvey are probably too far ahead.

Rookie – Adam Eaton, ARI

– Due to injury he has only played a few games.  Plus some guy on the Dodgers named Puig is kind of a big deal right now.

Manager – Bruce Bochy, SF

– Terrible pick.

Bounceback Player – Adrian Gonzalez, LAD

– With 14 HR and a .827 OPS, this one looks good!

Most Disappointing Player – Carl Crawford, LAD

– Perhaps.  His numbers are pretty decent, but he’s only played just over half the season due to injury.

First Major Player Traded – Andre Ethier, LAD

– Hmmm….this has a very good chance of coming true.  Could it be?  Could I get something right??!!??!!

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