Three Things From Week Twenty-Five


The second last week of the MLB season is in the books, and the end can’t come fast enough for the Jays. 

Players are dropping like flies, fans don’t care about the results any more, and judging by the action on the field, it’s hard to tell if the players that are left even care.

We can at least give a little bit of credit to the team last week.  Facing the Yankees with a chance to do some real harm to their playoff chances, the Jays took two of three.  As of now, it looks like New York will be joining Toronto on the sidelines in October.

Hey – hollow victories are better than no victories!

Here are three things from week 25:

Week 25: September 16 – September 22

Record: 3 – 3

1. When It Rains It Pours

Already without Brandon Morrow, Josh Johnson, Juan Perez, Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera, and Maicer Izturis, the Jays added three more names to the DL last week.

Edwin Encarnacion underwent wrist surgery and will miss the remainder of the season.  That same day, the club announced that All-Star reliever Brett Cecil will also miss the remainder of the season with a sore elblow.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, on Friday Toronto lost Colby Rasmus for the season when he was hit in the left eye by a ball thrown by Anthony Gose during a between inning warmup!!!

Just when you thought 2013 couldn’t get any worse…. 

2. The Ultimate Embarrassment

2013 has been a terrible season.  But apparently being in last place, having all kinds of high hopes and expectations crushed, losing most of your good players to injury, and watching every other team in your division play pressure packed September games wasn’t enough for the baseball gods.

No, they had one more cruel twist in place for Blue Jays fans.  On Friday night, Toronto was forced to watch the Boston Red Sox celebrate after they beat the Jays to clinch the AL East division title.  That’s right, John Farrell, public enemy number one in Toronto after turning his back on the club, watched his team clinch by beating his old team – then celebrated right in front of them.

Oh baseball, you cruel, cruel thing.

3. Worst Season Ever?

Perhaps J.P. Arencibia should send a thank you note to the above mentioned baseball gods.  Lost in the fact that Farrell clinched against the Jays, and lost amongst all the injuries, is the fact that JPA is having one of the worst offensive seasons ever.

There are 141 players in baseball that qualify for the batting title.  Of those, J.P. Arencibia’s .196 batting average is ranked 140th, only ahead of Dan Uggla.  His OBP is an unbelievably bad .230.  Not only is that the worst in the majors – it is last by a mile:  Alcides Escobar’s .264 is second worst.  He also ranks 138th with a .593 OPS, saved by the fact he has hit 20 HR.

But there’s more!  According to @james_in_to (a great Twitter follow by the way), Arencibia is hitting .147 on the road.  Including all baseball seasons from 1916, that is the lowest road batting average, and lowest by a wide margin

We thought that 2013 might be a record setting season.  Turns out, it just might be a historically bad record setting season…

2 thoughts on “Three Things From Week Twenty-Five”

  1. I was a defender of JPA for a couple of years. Its obviously impossible to do that now. I cant believe how terrible he’s become. Its fucking PAINFUL to watch.

  2. But hey, there’s a silver lining to 2013. The Rogers centre now has the ‘magic zone,’ a wonderful land in straightaway centre where dreams are made manifest…

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