The Best World Series Game Of All


So far the 2013 World Series has had a bit of everything. There has been sloppy fielding, clutch hitting, dominant pitching, and tons of drama. St. Louis took game 3 on a walk-off obstruction call. Boston won game 4 on a walk-off pick-off. Crazy stuff.

But by far and away, the best part about this World Series has not been about

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what has happened on the field. No, the best part has been the games taking place off-the-field, far away from the spotlight, on Twitter.

I have said on this site many times before that I can’t stand Boston Red Sox fans. They are arrogant, selfish, and just plain mean. This, of course, is a general statement, and one that definitely does not apply to ALL Red Sox fans. It probably only applies to less than 5% of all Red Sox fans. But it is those 5% that really stand out.

You see, there is something funny happening this World Series. A good amount of Boston fans have taken to Twitter to attack Jays fans. They want to rub the fact that John Farrell led the Bosox to the World Series directly in our faces. That’s fine. But what strikes me as odd is that this seems to be their sole mission! It’s almost as if they don’t even notice that their team is playing in the World Series! When the Red Sox win we get bombarded with “Jays suck, Farrell rules!” tweets. When the Red Sox lose, we get bombarded with “Jays suck, Farrell rules!” tweets too. Bizarre.

While some of these people are just having good natured fun with the fans of a rival, there are others who are just nuts. It’s easy to find out who they are. All you have to do is play a fun game called “Rattle the Red Sox”.

How do you play? Simple. Tweet something, anything, that can be perceived as negative about the Sox. Within minutes one of the psycho’s will respond. It doesn’t matter if they don’t follow you – they’ll find you.

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Take last night. On the heels of the Jon Lester “did he or didn’t he cheat” incident in Game 1, I tweeted the following:

Tweet 1

Many people responded, including some of the great Boston twitter feeds – @BoSoxInjection and @FenwayNation to name a few – explaining that Buchholz dumps water over his head each inning. These are the normal fans.

But, like clockwork, sure enough they came:

Tweet 2

And then:

Tweet 3

And finally:

Tweet 4

And those are only the ones directed at me. On top of those, there were other tweets by other people directed at other Jays fans, calling us “pathetic”, “idiots”, and “sad”, to go along with “scum”, and “fags”.

Like I said – very, very entertaining.

Please – feel free to play this game tonight. Tweet something about how Lester cheats, about how Farrell makes terrible decisions, or about how Boston can’t field. Then sit back, relax, and wait.

They’ll find you.

They always do.

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