Great Upper Deck Options at the Rogers Centre

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Sitting in the 500 level seats for a Blue Jays game requires a commitment and a long walk up the concrete ramp.  The views are high and the prices cheap, but there is still a little something for everyone there on the upper deck.  The extremely rare home run, energetic fans, and even a spot for families can all be found at the top of the Rogers Centre.

Catching a Home Run on the 500 Level?

It requires a rain making blast to put a round tripper on the 500 level at the Rogers Centre, a feat to which only 13 names belong (Edwin Encarnacion added his name last season).  With the majority of the towering shots falling in left field, you’ll want to be near the foul pole for a chance at one of these rare souvenirs.  Tickets are not sold further down the line than Section 536, so you can just find a cheap ticket elsewhere and make your way over to the corner.

Keeping Conveniences Close By

Concession options are more diverse on the lower level, but you can still find everything you need up at the top.  Section 529 is a hotspot with multiple food offerings (HogTown Grill, Garrison Creek, Queen Street) and features a T.O. Brewhouse right in your backyard.  If you can score an aisle seat at Row 5, you’ll be right at the tunnel for quick trips to grab the next round.

Alcohol Free Seating Sections

In the first 14 rows of Section 521 is where you will find the only alcohol free seating area on the 500 level.  It is a good area for families and has a decent view of CN Tower when the roof is open. But for fans who want to buy a few extra beers with the money saved on their ticket and enjoy heckling without remorse,  consider looking elsewhere.

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