162 Angry Words


500 Level Fan,

Brett Lawrie is injured again, I hope no one is surprised.  This has to be pinned squarely on the coaching staff, or as I like to say the coaching ‘stiffs’.  As I’ve suggested for over one and a half years now, the coach staff Gibby has in place are a bunch of shmucks.  These stiffs couldn’t condition a special needs athlete preparing for a 2 minutes rhythmic gymnastics routine in the special Olympics.  Last year the injuries in the bullpen were no fluke.  The pitchers are athletes that need world class training and conditioning, which the Jays cannot offer at this time.  Earlier last month, it wasn’t until Adam Lind’s mom suggested an x-ray that they realized his foot was broken.  Now, Brett Lawrie is out with a stiff back, three innings after returning from a broken finger?

Ditch the stiffs, and bring in world class trainers, or the Jays will have no hope to get into the playoffs.


Angry Craiger.

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