500 Level Fan of the Game – September 24, 2014


It took me a while, but finally, on the final homestand of the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays season, 500 Level Fan has uncovered a 500 Level Fan of the Game!

There was an extremely sparse crowd on hand to take in what turned out to be the quickest game of the season – only 1:59 was needed for Mark Buehrle and Taijuan Walker to duel in 1-0 Jays win.

Though there weren’t many fans on hand, there was one fantastic gentleman sitting in front of us in section 532.  Clad in a personalized jersey, “Kemper” was heavily in tune to the game, watching intently as Buehrle was dealing on the mound.  Despite the dome being deathly quiet for most of the game, Kemper came equipped with bright red ear plugs – fascinating.

Kemper loved the Jays, but it became clear early on that he was not a huge fan of John Gibbons.

In the top of the third, Corey Hart led off with a fly ball down the right field line that dropped very close to the line and bounced out of play.  The ball was called fair by the first base umpire, giving Hart a leadoff double.  It was tough to tell if the ball was fair or foul from our seats, but that didn’t stop Kemper from laying into Gibbons for not challening the call right away.

“Come on Gibbons!  Get out there you bum!  You’re a bum Gibbons!  A bum!  Come on you turd!  Put down your beer and get out there!  You bum!”

Gibbons of course did challenge, and lost.  Classic.

Kemper delivered another gem in the ninth, after a leadoff walk put a Mariner on first base.  “Good thing that wasn’t a no hitter,” he said, nonsensically.

But by far the best part about Kemper was his reaction to each Buehrle strikeout.  As soon as strike three was delivered, he would sweep his arm forward, flick his wrist, and wave goodbye to the strikeout victim.  It was our lucky night that Buehrle and Sanchez combined for 11 Ks, which meant we were treated to 11 goodbye waves!

Thanks Kemper, for the wonderful memories!


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