Looking Back At My 2014 Predictions

With only a few weeks away until the start of spring training, it’s time to take a moment and look back on just how bad my 2014 predictions really were.

2014 American League

Apparently I am an absolute expert at picking the AL Central.  The East?  Not so much….

2014 National League

Nostradamus!!!  100% of the division champs correctly predicted!  100% of the NL Playoff teams correctly predicted!!

2014 AL Stat Leaders

And that didn’t last long.  A down year for Verlander and an injury plagued year for Fielder hit me hard.  Still, four of my picks finished in the top-10 of their respective categories, so not a total bust.

2014 NL Stat Leaders

Not too bad on the pitching front, but pretty terrible on the hitters.  Kimbrel leading the league in saves has proven to be the easiest prediction in history.

2014 Playoffs

Tampa Bay over St. Louis.  Yikes.

2014 Awards

Mike Trout as MVP and Clayton Kershaw as Cy Young were picked by just about everybody in the world, so it’s hard to pump my tires over those picks.  Although Pujols and Morneau didn’t win the actual Comeback Player of the Year awards, they both had very good seasons, so I’ll take a bit of credit for that.  And Beltran and Howard both stunk, so I don’t feel too bad there either.  All in all, not awful!

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