500 Level Fan Reader Poll – 2015 Edition


For the fourth consecutive year, 500 Level Fan has decided to let the readers – the fine, educated, and outstanding readers – take over.

This year I am asking several Jays related questions, both team and player related, and even threw in a fun question for the field.

So without further ado, here are the results of the 2015 500 Level Fan Reader Poll.

1. Who finishes with the most home runs: Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, or Josh Donaldson?  And how many will he hit?

The answer is overwhelming: Bautista is the man.  67% of responders say Jose will hit the most out of the “big-3”.  22% sided with Edwin, while only 11% went with Donaldson.  In terms of numbers, the max was pegged at 56 bombs, the min was 34, and the average came out to be 41.

2. Who starts the most games at second base this year?

The poll went out to the field before the opening day roster was announced, which might explain why there are so many Goins answers.  That, or the readers don’t have a lot of faith in Devon Travis.

Devon Travis – 56%

Ryan Goins – 33%

Maicer Izturis – 11%

3. Dalton Pompey and Kevin Pillar will both get at bats this season.  Who puts up the best overall numbers by season’s end?

The question was a bit vague, something that was evident in the responses.  But the overwhelming majority said that Pompey is the man to watch, with one respondent going so far as to say that Pillar will be so bad that he will be sent to the minors.

4. Predict the team leaders in each of the following stats: Batting Average, OPS, Stolen Bases, ERA.

Batting Average: Jose Reyes (56%), Josh Donaldson (22%), Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion (11% each)

OPS: Jose Bautista (78%), Jose Reyes and Josh Donaldson (11% each)

Stolen Bases: Jose Reyes (70%), Ryan Goins / Dalton Pompey / Devon Travis (10% each)

ERA: Drew Hutchison (38%), R.A. Dickey and Daniel Norris (25% each), Aaron Sanchez (12%)

5. Predict one outrageous event that will happen in 2015

Quite the range of outrageous predictions here.  Enjoy!

– The Jays rip off a 20-game winning streak in June/July

– Aaron Sanchez throws a perfect game

– A fan runs onto the field during a game, fields a foul ball, then fires the ball to the first baseman before being caught and kicked out

– Daniel Norris is arrested for cocaine possession in his van

– In a non-Jay event, A-Rod rekindles his romance with Madonna

– Ricky Romero makes his way back to the big leagues with Toronto, only to fail spectacularly

– Edwin Encarnacion accidentally hits John Gibbons in the groin when a bat slips out of his hands.  Gibbons misses 6 games.

– Jays win the World Series in game 7, with Marcus Stroman making a surprise return to win the deciding game

– R.A. Dickey wins 20 games and finishes second in Cy Young voting

6. How many wins do you expect from the 2015 Blue Jays, and where will they finish in the standings?

What a difference a year makes.  Last year, readers were so jaded and disappointed from 2013 that the win predictions were very low.  This year?  Not so much.

The minimum number of wins predicted for the team was 81, with the max being 96 and the average being 90.  44% of respondents thought the team would win the AL East, with a further 33% believing they will win enough games to claim a Wild Card spot.

The optimism is back.  Now the team has to come through.

Thanks to everybody for fiilling out the ballot. Good luck with your picks!

Check back for a mid-season update and an end-of-season results column.

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