The Game That Had It All

Jose Bautista;
image from Canadian Press


Quite the ballgame at the ol’ dome last night.  It may have been a dark and dreary Tuesday night outside, but inside the Jays and Orioles were turning up the heat old style.

The Jays 13-6 win had it all.

If you like offense, you were happy.  There were 19 runs scored on a combined 28 hits.  The Jays knocked out 16 hits, including 5 doubles and 3 home runs.  Edwin Encarnacion hit two of those bombs, including an absolutely mammoth blast to the fifth deck in left field.

Prefer defense?  The unbelievable Kevin Pillar made yet another highlight reel catch, robbing Adam Jones of extra bases in the 7th, saving two runs, and turning the catch into a double play in the process.   There was also some not-so-good defensive plays, with three errors, and a few other plays that very well could have been called errors.  Or “airs” as Buck Martinez would say…

There was some great baserunning, with Dalton Pompey scoring from third on a ground ball to short, and speedster Dioner Navarro stretching a double into a triple (technically it was a double plus a base on an error, but let’s give him the benefit).

There was the return of former fan-favourite Travis Snider to Toronto, and the mind-boggling reaction of thousands of fans to welcome him back with a chorus of boo’s.

And of course, there were some heated emotions.  Once again a Baltimore Oriole pitcher threw a pitch behind the head of Jose Bautista, who promptly turned around and belted a 2-run home run to deep centre.  The real fireworks began in between innings, with Bau and Adam Jones exchanging pleasantries.  It looked as if a brawl was imminent, but cooler heads prevailed and the rest of the game played without incident.  After the game, Gregg Zaun ran his mouth a bit, calling the Blue Jays (for all intents and purposes) soft for not hitting an Oriole in return.  If Zaun has his way, Adam Jones will be beaned with a 90+ MPH fastball tonight, in a “don’t mess with us” move by Aaron Sanchez.  Will that be productive for anybody involved?  No, especially because Sanchez would likely be made a example with a suspension by MLB.

Believe it or not, last night’s game even had some pitching.  Mark Buehrle wasn’t great, but he was good enough, notching a quality start to go to 3-0.  And Marco Estrada struck out the side in the ninth, and looked very good doing it.

Oh – and how could I forget the return to Toronto of Buck “Blanche” Showalter?  Nobody in baseball looks angrier, grumpier, and downright more crotchety than the 85 year old woman managing the O’s.

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The Jays sit at 7-7 after last night’s epic.  Let’s hope for something similar tonight.

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