Have We Seen This Before?


The third letter in the acronym has changed, and the opponent is different, but I feel as if the ALDS vs. Texas and the ALCS vs. Kansas City have been nearly identical.

Think about it:

Game 1: Toronto is shut down by the opposing starter and though they had chances to break through, it never felt like they were really in the game.  Against Texas it was Yovani Gallardo who kept them off balance, and against KC it was Edinson Volquez.  In both games they had chances – a Bautista HR cut the Texas lead to 4-3, and they had several innings with runners on base against the Royals – but couldn’t take a lead.

Game 2: The Jays play much better, get outstanding starting pitching for most of the game, and take a lead into the very late innings.  Against the Rangers it was Stroman who was dealing before the Jays blew a 4-3 lead in the 8th (with two outs).  In KC it was Price who crushed the Royals until the fateful seventh inning when things fell apart.  Both games they should have won.  Both games they lost.

Game 3: A tight game early, but Troy Tulowitzki crushes a huge 3-run homer to give the Jays breathing room, and Osuna enters in a non-save situation to shut the door.

Three games, three near identical results. translations  And now here comes game 4, once again with Dickey on the mound trying to even the series against a pitcher who one would thing the Jays bats should be able to handle.

They won it in the DS.  Let’s hope the script rewrites itself in the CS.

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