Looking Back At My 2015 MLB Predictions

Crystal Ball

If you thought my 2015 Blue Jays predictions were bad…..


2015 American League

Look away.  I had faith in the Jays, but apparently way too much trust in Seattle and Detroit.  In hindsight those are really, really, really bad picks.

2015 National League

A little bit better, but not much.  I picked LA and St. Louis to make the playoffs, but whiffed pretty badly on the Cubs.

2015 AL Stat Leaders

All in all, not too bad.  Aside from nailing Altuve, Bautista (RBI), Price (W and K), and Holland (Saves) all finished in the Top-10.  Robinson Cano was not good….

2015 NL Stat Leaders

I consider this a success.  The only prediction that was accurate was strikeouts, but every single player finished in the top-10, with 6 of the 8 in the top-4.

2015 Playoffs

At least my predicted World Series teams made the playoffs! Also, I picked both the Cardinals and Dodgers to lose in the NLDS, so there’s that.

2015 Awards

Officially I got zero, and some picks were really bad (Cano, Norris, Polanco).  But Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw finished 7th and 3rd (respectively) in Cy Young voting, McCutchen finished 5th in NL MVP voting, and Gibbons and Hurdle both finished 4th in MOY voting.  And even though Kipnis and Votto didn’t win the official Comeback Player of the Year awards handed out by MLB, both turned in fantastic campaigns.

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