500 Level Fan Reader Poll – 2015 Results


2015 marked the fourth consecutive year that 500 Level Fan let the readers take over and make predictions about the season-to-be.  And then, for the fourth consecutive year, I blew it by not posting the results.

Until now.

Without further ado, here are the results of the 2015 500 Level Fan Reader Poll.

1. Who finishes with the most home runs: Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, or Josh Donaldson?  And how many will he hit?

Average Reader Answer: Jose Bautista, 41 HR

Actual Result: Josh Donaldson, 41 HR

Only one reader correctly pegged Donaldson, but most were in the vicinity of his team leading 41 bombs.

2. Who starts the most games at second base this year?

Average Reader Answer: Devon Travis

Actual Result: Ryan Goins

The injuries to Travis limited his playing time, and Goins took over and ran with the job, right into the beginning of 2016 as well.  33% of readers correctly picked Goins.

3. Dalton Pompey and Kevin Pillar will both get at bats this season.  Who puts up the best overall numbers by season’s end?

Average Reader Answer: Dalton Pompey

Actual Result: Kevin Pillar

This was almost unanimous, with 90% of readers picking Pompey.  One reader went so far as to predict that Pillar would be so bad that would finish the year in AAA Buffalo.  How wrong that turned out to be…

4. Predict the team leaders in each of the following stats: Batting Average, OPS, Stolen Bases, ERA.

Batting Average

Average Reader Answer: Jose Reyes

Actual Result: Chris Colabello

Not surprisingly – nobody picked CC.


Average Reader Answer: Jose Bautista

Actual Result: Josh Donaldson

Bautista was the near unanimous pick, with only one reader predicting JD.

Stolen Bases

Average Reader Answer: Jose Reyes

Actual Result: Kevin Pillar

Yeah – nobody saw that coming


Average Reader Answer: Drew Hutchison, R.A. Dickey, Daniel Norris

Actual Result: David Price

Wow.  Terrible, terrible answers.  The Jays had 9 pitchers throw enough innings to qualify for the ERA title.  Dickey finished 8th and Hutchison finished 9th.

5. Predict one outrageous event that will happen in 2015

Of all the responses, two came very close to coming true.

The runner-up: The Jays rip off a 20-game winning streak in June/July

In actuality, they ripped off an 11-game streak in June – not bad at all.

The winner: Jays win the World Series in game 7, with Marcus Stroman making a surprise return to win the deciding game.

Marcus Stroman did make a surprise return from his knee injury, shocking the baseball world.  And while he wasn’t on the mound to win the deciding game of the World Series, he was on the mound to start the deciding game of the ALDS.  Nice job.

6. How many wins do you expect from the 2015 Blue Jays, and where will they finish in the standings?

Average Reader Answer: 88 wins, 2nd place

Actual Result: 93 wins, 1st place

Just under half the readers thought the Jays would win the division, proving that good things come to those who believe.

Thanks to everybody who participated.

The 2016 poll will be going out soon.

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