It’s about damn time.

Let’s be honest – the Blue Jays have been pretty awful so far in 2016.  Heading into last night’s game they were sitting in dead last, and hadn’t scored in 17 consecutive innings.  That is not something that we expected, not for 2015’s best offense.

But finally – finally! – things happened last night that hopefully bode well for the rest of the season:

1. The team finally scored some runs – eight of them to be exact.  It marked only the fourth time all season that the Jays had reached eight runs in a single game.

2. They finally won a game when allowing 4+ runs.  Coming into the game they were an eye-popping, hard-to-believe, 0-21 in such situations.

3. Russell Martin did something.  He came into the game with only one extra base hit all season, a double hit way back on April 22.  He was sporting a .180 slugging percentage and a .423 OPS.  But two huge home runs bumped his slugging % all the way up to .236 and his OPS to .484, and will hopefully ignite him to greater things.

4. Ryan Goins also did something good.  Granted it was only one hit, but it was a huge 2-run double that gave the Jays the lead for good.  We all know that Goins isn’t a great big-league hitter, but he also isn’t as bad as he as shown recently.  In his past 23 starts (dating back to April 15) Goins was 8 for 84 with only 5 walks, good for an abysmal .095 average and a minuscule .156 OBP.  He’s not going to hit .300 but he’s also not going hit under .100 either.

5. They finally got some hits with runners in scoring position.  Entering the game Toronto was hitting .212 (72 for 339) with RISP, a number that is now up to .216 after a 3 for 8 performance last night.  The Jays still rank 28th in MLB but are finally trending in the right direction.

6. For the first time in forever, the Blue Jays finally came through with 2-out, notching 7 2-out RBI.  Prior to last night they had only managed to knock in 61 runs with 2-outs, 7th worst in all of baseball.

7. Hey – Devon Travis is back!

Again, it’s only one game.  Several times this season we expected things to turn around after one solid game only to be disappointed once again (a 9-3 pounding of Oakland, the 12-run drubbing of Derek Holland, the Texas brawl).

But once again in 2016, there seems to be reason for hope.

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