Looking Back at My 2017 MLB Predictions

December is here.  A season of reflection, a time to look back at the year that was.  For Jays fans…..it…..wasn’t good.  But why reminisce on bad times when you can have a laugh at my expense?

May I present a look back at my 2017 MLB predictions.

Spoiler alert: they were terrible.

Nailed two of the three division champs, but whiffed baaaaaaadly on the Jays.  New York and Minnesota surprised most people (not just me) so I don’t feel too badly there.  60% of the playoff teams right?  I’ll take it.

Accurate predictions: Rick Porcello drops back to earth….Baltimore relies too heavily on the bullpen….White Sox trade Quintana early…..Astros avoid a terrible start….Don’t trust Texas to stay healthy…..Another playoff-less year for Mike Trout.

Terrible predictions:  Morales adequately replaces Edwin….Bautista has a huge bounce-back year…..Sale has a rough transition to the AL East…..Yankees are a year away…..Detroit remains competitive for one more year…..Royals will sell in July…..Mariners are the real deal.

Completely nailed the division winners, though that really wasn’t too challenging.  Flat out blew the Wild Card teams.  Oops.  I loved the Mets and hated Arizona.  What an idiot.

Accurate predictions: Scherzer continues to dominate…..Miami is a confusing team…..St. Louis falls just short…..Cincinnati could be the worst team in baseball…..The Giants are on the way down.

Terrible predictions: Wild Card is the best bet for the Mets…..This is the season Ryan Braun is traded…..Arizona is a mess.

Two for eight and not that far off on Dyson and Archer.  I put way too much faith in Chris Davis and Miggy, and didn’t foresee the injuries to Britton.

Syndergaard was injured so you can’t fault me there.  But other than that, this was a legit great year for NL predictions!  Nailed the Wins and Saves categories, and all of the other predicted winners finished in the top-10, with four out of five finishing top-4.  Hey hey!

Oh.  Oh my.  I invite you all to ignore the World Series prediction and feast your eyes upon my NLCS prediction of the Dodgers to beat the Cubs.  I am a genius!

In the American League I was way, way off on Gibbons winning Manager of the Year.  But Mike Trout finished 4th in MVP voting and very well might have won if he remained healthy, I nailed Kluber as Cy, and Benintendi finished second to Judge (albeit a distant second) in ROY voting.  Bautista as Bounceback Player was a terrible pick, but you could make a case that Price was the most disappointing.  However, his teammate Rick Porcello was healthy and sucked, and Odor was just plain out bad.

In the National League, Harper finished 12th in MVP voting, Kershaw finished second in Cy voting, Dave Roberts finished second in MOY voting, and Swanson…..well, let’s not talk about Dansby Swanson.  McCutchen did have a very nice season, but was eclipsed by Greg Holland for the Comeback Player of the year.  And I’m giving myself credit for Mark Melancon, who was an absolute bust in San Francisco.

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