2018 MLB Predictions

Over the past week and a half, 500 Level Fan has posted a preview of each of MLB’s six divisions.  Now it’s time to up the ante.  No more “previewing”.  It’s now time to “predict”.

As always, my predictions should not be wagered upon by anybody, because they will likely all be wrong.

The 500 Level Fan predictions will be split over two columns.  The first covers MLB predictions, including final standings, playoff results, award winners, and some miscellaneous categories.  The second will focus on the Blue Jays, with some individual and team predictions.

So sit back, read on, try not to laugh, and get ready to comment.

American League Predictions


1. Boston

2. New York

3. Toronto

4. Tampa Bay

5. Baltimore

Thoughts: The addition of J.D. Martinez plugs a huge hole in Boston’s lineup, and a health(ier) Price stabilizes the rotation (which still has concerns)…..New York looks stacked on paper, but there’s no guarantee Judge doesn’t regress, Bird is injured again, and the rotation could be hit or miss…..Would not be surprised to see Toronto win 95 games or lose 95 games.  The added depth and versatility, along with the return of Sanchez, should have the team thinking Wild Card…..Rays had a strange offseason, but still have enough interesting pieces in the rotation to stay out of the cellar…..Britton is out and Machado could be dealt.  Might be a long year for Blanche Showalter and crew.


1. Cleveland

2. Minnesota

3. Kansas City

4. Chicago

5. Detroit

Thoughts: Cleveland looks a bit weaker on paper, but they still have a huge rotation, Lindor and Edwin, and a breakout candidate in Zimmer.  The class of the division…..Byron Buxton continues his breakout and several of the nice additions to the pitching staff pan out enough to keep Minny in contention for a return to October…..They somehow got Moustakas back, but losing Cain and Hosmer spells doom for KC…..Chicago is a year ahead of Detroit in the rebuilding process, and has a bunch of great prospects (Moncada, Kopech, etc.) ready to contribute…..Tigers need Miggy to rebound or else there might not be a lot to get excited about in Detroit.


1. Houston

2. Los Angeles

3. Seattle

4. Oakland

5. Texas

Thoughts: There is a shot the Astros have the division wrapped up by early August.  That’s how good they look…..Trout will once again be Trout, but there are serious concerns with Ohtani after his brutal Spring…..The battle for the second Wild Card spot should be year-long and intense but the Mariners will fall just short once again, extending the longest drought in sports…..Oakland is about as big of a wild card as there is.  They might stay in contention all year, or they might lose over 100…..The veterans (Beltre and Hamels) are another year older, and Odor doesn’t bounce back from an awful 2017.  Could be time to change things around in Texas.


Yankees and Blue Jays

Stat Leaders

HR – Giancarlo Stanton, NYY

RBI – Giancarlo Stanton, NYY

Average – Jose Altuve, HOU

SB – Dee Gordon, SEA

Wins – Corey Kluber, CLE

ERA – Corey Kluber, CLE

K – Chris Sale, BOS

Sv – Roberto Osuna, TOR

Awards & Miscellany

MVP – Mike Trout, LAA

Cy Young – Corey Kluber, CLE

Rookie – Willie Calhoun, TEX

Manager – Terry Francona, CLE

Bounceback Player – Aaron Sanchez, TOR

Most Disappointing Player – Shohei Ohtani, LAA

First Major Player Traded – Cole Hamels, TEX

National League Predictions


1. Washington

2. Philadelphia

3. Atlanta

4. NY Mets

5. Miami

Thoughts: There’s no slowing down Max Scherzer; Trea Turner and Adam Eaton stay healthy for an entire season; Harper has a big year in his walk year…..Hard not to be excited about the Phillies, and the addition of Arrieta at the front of the rotation makes them that much closer to legitimate contention…..Anthopoulos is now in charge, and Atlanta is about one year away from making a move…..Unless Syndergaard, Matz, and Harvey can prove they can stay healthy, the Mets don’t have a chance…..Not much else to say about Miami.  Laughingstock.


1. Chicago

2. Milwaukee

3. St. Louis

4. Pittsburgh

5. Cincinnati

Thoughts: The Cubs struggled mightily last year and still won the division.  There’s no World Series hangover to deal with in 2018…..Cain and Yelich give Milwaukee a scary good outfield, but can the pitching staff keep things together?…..St. Louis always seems to be a model of consistency, but injuries are already decimating their pitching…..Expect a different year in Pittsburgh, with conversation surrounding who’s next to be dealt…..Cincy has some nice young pieces and could have an electric rotation if the arms stay healthy.  At the end of the day, there’s always Joey Votto.


1. Los Angeles

2. Colorado

3. Arizona

4. San Francisco

5. San Diego

Thoughts: Hopefully Kershaw stays healthy and makes a run at a historical season.  LA remains the class of the NL West…..Huge step forward last year for Colorado, and that continues in 2018.  Arenado is just too good…..The loss of J.D. Martinez will hurt Arizona but they still have enough to stay in Wild Card contention for much of the season…..The Giants needed everything to go right in order to contend and so much has gone wrong already…and we’re still in March…..With the the game’s best farm system, and a legitimate free agent in Hosmer, for the first time in a while there is hope in San Diego.


Rockies and Brewers

Stat Leaders

HR – Nolan Arenado, COL

RBI – Nolan Arenado, COL

Average – Joey Votto, CIN

SB – Trea Turner, WAS

Wins – Max Scherzer, WAS

ERA – Clayton Kershaw, LAD

K – Clayton Kershaw, LAD

Sv – Kenley Jansen, LAD


MVP Anthony Rizzo, CHC

Cy Young – Clayton Kershaw, LAD

Rookie – Ronald Acuna, ATL

Manager – Dave Martinez, WAS

Bounceback Player – Starling Marte, PIT

Most Disappointing Player – Brandon Morrow, CHC

First Major Player Traded – J.T. Realmuto, MIA


American League

Wildcard Round – Blue Jays over Yankees

ALDS – Astros over Blue Jays, Indians over Red Sox

ALCS – Indians over Astros

National League

Wild Card Round – Rockies over Brewers

NLDS – Nationals over Rockies, Dodgers over Cubs

NLCS – Dodgers over Nationals

World Series

In what could be the final year for Kershaw in LA, he leads the Dodgers to redemption in a classic 7-game series win over Cleveland.

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