New year new hope

For a year that started with such hope and hype…..what a bust.

2020 will go down possibly – probably – as the worst year of an entire generation. Terms like “social distancing”, “self-isolation”, and “lockdown” became a part of everyday speech. Thankfully the year is over and we can turn the page.

But before we do, it’s important to point out that 2020 wasn’t as bad as it could have been for Jays fans. There were certainly some dark times – the unfortunate passing of team icon Tony Fernandez in February, the fact that not a single MLB pitch took place in Toronto – but overall the year was mostly positive from a baseball perspective.

Hyun-jin Ryu lived up to the hype, posting a 2.69 ERA and finishing third in AL Cy Young balloting.

A lot of players took steps forward, some big and some small, but forward none-the-less. Vladdy just missed an .800 OPS, Bichette and Biggio proved they are stars in the making, and Rowdy and Teoscar both put up career years.

Plus we might have seen the end of Brandon Drury, Billy McKinney, and Derek Fisher as Blue Jays.

Told you, not all bad.

So with 2021 now here, it’s time to start looking ahead with excitement. Will the Jays build on their surprise playoff appearance and become a true contender? Will they make a big splash (or two) in the free agent or trade markets?

I, for one, am excited. And I’m not alone. Anthony Castrovince of released a bold predictions column on Friday…..and picked the Blue Jays to reach the World Series.

The Jays might not start the season in Toronto. Hell, they might not finish the season in Toronto either. But they should, no – they will – be exciting.

And after what we all just went through this past year, that’s something worth looking forward to.

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